Angel Vanguard


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Vanguard of the Angels is a large 40x40inches underwater seascape painting of a gold angel fish under a turquoise sea. The fish swims intently along a sandy seabed with deep blue and turquoise water behind her and the rippling waves and sparkles of light above her. Below, you can see the light patterns dancing along the sand as they shine through the waves. The fish is a freshwater fish and so should not be in an ocean – hence the title. I like to think she is on an adventure and does not care where she should be or should not be – she is a rebel fish. The fish is painted in gold pearlescent paint which glitters like real fish do. Her tail and fins are extending into the water and becoming part of the patterns of light and the energy of the water. My aim with painting a small fish in a big sea is to promote a sense of space and feeling of independence. Dedicated to kindly rebels everywhere. Painted on deep edge canvas, white edges, ready to hang, comes with certificate of authenticity and gifts.

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