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“Some 100 days journey North of the Lîshkar Forest lies the cold dominion of Dûnma. The entrance to this unforgiving land compromises a huge fortress called the Dûnma Pass, filled with countless thousands of oubliettes, many of which run deep within the ancient structure like black arteries.

Guarded by Nabak’a (old tongue meaning literally “scaled ones”, or dragons), ancient tales whisper of terrible horrors that can’t be spoken of and there is rumour that soul-freezing sounds can be heard at high festivals. Dûnma Pass is not a place anyone leaves. Ever.”

So I drew this as a depiction of a place set in a far away place into which unfortunates are thrown for the eternal pleasure of black-hearted dragons and other more wicked creatures which inhabit the dark bowels of the fortress prison. These entities wander the land seeking to deceive people and lure them from their life’s path onto a sinister path to destruction, laced with the lies, temptations, bribes, flase flattery and other moral corruptions that blind the victims into thinking they’re being offered better things … only to find out, too late, they were lied to.

Excerpt taken from “Dark Harvest”, my adult book yet unwritten which I have a mind to pen when the time feels right …

Framed ready to hang. For shipping costs please contact me because the artwork needs to be sent with insurance that differs from each picture. I can even personally deliver artwork at a much cheaper cost than couriers (UK mainland only).

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