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Emanation is a semi-abstract contemporary landscape oil painting of a white egret on a river bank with green trees and pink wildflowers. It is 36x36x1.5 inches and is predominantly green. It was painted using many transparent layers of paint that give it a magical aspect as it appears to be shimmering in and out of reality – hence the title. The egret sits on the right bank of the river flexing and shaking her wispy feathers and there is a feeling of having come across her but she has not yet seen us. She was painted using thick white paint which is merging with the others layer of the painting. The inspiration was a walk I took along the river Medway near Tunbridge Wells in June where white egrets can often be seen against the green willows and riverbank reeds and flowers. Despite this being quite a common sight, these birds are very beautiful and it always feels like a treat to see them. This a tribute to the luscious greens of June in the countryside and the wildlife you can spot as you walk along rivers. It is painted on deep edge canvas, green edges, ready to hang, no frame needed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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