June Moment


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June Moment is an oil painting of an ancient farm building in countryside near Newick in Sussex. It is 30x30x1.5 inches and was painted in June 2021. The view is across a pond with a dark tree on the left and white, yellow wildflowers and reeds around it and the reflection of the farm building in the water. I painted the building and some of the details around it fairly realistically and then gradually faded out towards more blurred and abstract edges to give it a focused dreamlike feeling. I found this place having walked along the river Ouse from Isfield towards Newick. It was a warm June day and I had acres of beautiful Sussex landscape all around me. The old barn made me feel I had walked back in time and the perfection of the flowers, pond, nearby river and farmland gave me the inspiration to try and capture this short perfect moment in time (hence the title). Approximate postcode BN84RU. Painted on deep edge canvas, white edges, ready to hang. Comes with certificate of authenticity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFF6SOuOnIs

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