Lord of the Folde


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After I had drawn “Conqueror” way back in1992, and having been inspired to create more detailed pictures, I designed this one which is also a mediaeval knight from some far off land. Drawing these unleashed my imagination which was (and remains) filled with all sorts of worlds, lands, characters and oddities. Having embellished my signature on that first picture, I decided to carry it on across the picture to make more of a background landscape. This only served to give me greater ideas and after this picture I created a few castles which, in turn, led to more and more art of a style I now label “imaginaria”. There is nothing like tapping into the imagination!

This picture is framed ready to hang, it does not have art glass. Please note this drawing is the original from 29 years ago and was drawn on standard paper. It is slightly creased but this lends to the look but is overall in very good condition. For shipping costs please contact me because the artwork needs to be sent with insurance that differs from each picture. I can even personally deliver artwork at a much cheaper cost than couriers (UK mainland only).

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