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New Horizon is a big blue under the sea painting with a single tropical fish swimming in clear sparkling water. The fish is in the centre of the painting and is swimming along a magical violet horizon line behind her. Above is the surface of the ocean with a sweep of rippling waves catching light and sparkling. The light is then reflected to the sandy sea bed where it makes fleeting electric-like light patterns that all divers and snorkelers will recognise. The sea is a deep blue ranging to turquoise and the sand is a light gold. The inspiration for this painting was a few holidays spent in the Caribbean where I spent most of my time face down in the sea awestruck by the underwater scenery and beautiful fish. I painted one single fish as this makes the scene more dramatic and also gives a sense of space and the idea of escaping. Something most of us need right now. It is dedicated to everyone but especially to those who are actively helping to preserve our oceans, land and wildlife. It is 40x40x1.5 inches on deep edge canvas, white edges, ready to hang and no frame is needed.

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