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Numinous is a panoramic 16x40x1.5 inches oil painting landscape of a glowing autumn path with vibrantly coloured trees. Numinous means ‘spiritual in quality’ and autumn paths do have that feeling when the sun shines through the leaves and make a woodland come alive with colour. This particular path was inspired by a little village in Sussex called Fairwarp which has lots of little pockets of ancient woodland in and around it. I both love woodland and fear it as I get lost in it quite easily but it always intrigues me how different the atmospheres are in different forests and glades. This woodland is a spiritual one and feels like it leads to revelations of the best kind. I include in the photos of the painting the original drawing that I made for it. It is idiotically simple but I was pleased with the resultant painting. Painted on deep edge canvas, dark purple edges, ready to hang, does not need framing.

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