The Discovery


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The Discovery is a large semi abstract oil painting of a green woodland lake in a clearing with a deer stag looking on. It was painted ‘wet into wet’ style which gives the painting a rich painterly, messy art nouveau feel to it. The painting shows the view across part of a pond in a woodland with trees behind the furthest bank where a small deer stag watches in his imperious way. In the foreground are pink riverbank flowers that complement the greens. It is called ‘the discovery’ as that is exactly what it was to me when I found this little lake in a woodland near Burwash in East Sussex (park at postcode TN19 7ET). Stags and deer feature often in my paintings because I see them almost every time I go out walking. I find them beautiful and magical and I love how they watch to see what I will do. It very much feels as though I am intruding on their territory – which I am. This is a painting which captures a moment in time and makes me happy whenever I look at it as it takes me back there. It is 30x40x1.5 inches, wide edge canvas, white edges, ready to hang, no frame needed. Comes with certificate of authenticity.

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