The Kingfishers Timew


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The Kingfishers Timewarp is a semi-abstract contemporary landscape painting of a Kingfisher flying along an April riverbank lined with wildflowers. You can see a shadowed bend in the river and flowers including bluebells, willowherbs and wild garlic along the edge of the banks. Across the river you can see trees and a sunlit field beyond. This landscape was inspired by an area near Buxted which consists of ancient farmland and a network of old mill ponds and streams. It is a particularly pretty bit of East Sussex and largely unspoiled as is not on any tourist paths. I added the kingfisher as kingfishers add a touch of magic to everywhere they are seen and she is no different. This is an ancient landscape and probably, on the April day in 2022 when I walked here, I may well have walked out of time – hence the title. It is 36x36x1.5 inches, white edges, ready to hang and does not need framing. It comes with a certificate of authenticity. Video:

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