The Peacocks River


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The Peacocks River is a large green oil painting (36x60x1.5 inches) of a peacock by a green river in summer. The painting is vibrantly coloured and contemporary art nouveau in style. It is a painting of two universes overlapping. The peacock sits on the left showing us his river through his universe of gold towards the muted greens and lilac’s and blues of the river and a lake in the distance. There are suggestions of flowers and roses and reeds along the river bank and light sparkles on the water. The inspiration for this painting was a walk I took along the river Ouse near Barcombe Mills in the summer of 2020. The peacock is there because I sometimes hear them when walking past the walls and gates of large country properties and they have come mean something magical and exotic and denied to me as a mere commoner so are in the realm of fairy story for me – as is this painting. The post code where I began this walk is BN8 5BP for anyone who wishes to go there! Painted on deep edge canvas, no frame needed.

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