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“The unexpected arrival of a young friendly dragon called Beshna’at one morning sent the town of Enaysha into a bit of a turmoil. After all, dragons are very large, even young ones, and they tend to make a dreadful mess when they visit places. Normally a lot of notice is required so townsfolk can get their clean washing in but today was an exception. Hershin, the town mayor, knew something was going on when the slice of cake he was just about to eat was unceremoniously knocked out of his hand by a warm rush of wind through the open window.

He stared at the cake as it lay in bits on the floor then moved his gaze to the window through which a large eye was staring at him. “I see,” he said with a shake of his head and a grump in his voice, “an unexpected visitor!”

An A2 sized original, this is a very detailed picture that took over 120 hours to complete. Professionally framed using AR70 art glass, ready to hang. For shipping costs please contact me because the artwork needs to be sent with insurance that differs from each picture. I can even personally deliver artwork at a much cheaper cost than couriers (UK mainland only).

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