Tranquil Shore


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“Tranquil Shore” is an expression of sea and surf on a quiet afternoon. Inspired by a beach in south Devon the sea is so still there is hardly a wave and it’s low tide when all the rock pools appear reflecting the light of the blue sky. I’m always inspired by the coast and the beautiful aquamarine tones of the ocean and the windswept sky. Painted in mixed media on a deep edged canvas.
“Tranquil Shore” is an original work of art and one of a kind. This painting has been created with high quality acrylic paints on deep edged canvas, I have also used sand from the beach in the foreground to build up texture. I begin with observation of the place making notes and taking photographs to work from in the studio. From these beginnings I work intuitively, painting some base layers with a brush and then impasto techniques layer on layer applied with a palette knife. Harnessing optical mixing techniques employed by the impressionists and some of the methods of the old masters such as scumbling and glazing. I continue working until the painting reaches a natural conclusion. The result is a contemporary painting, which lies somewhere between abstraction and realism. The painting continues round the sides, a frame is not needed and it is ready to hang.
For secure shipping work is packaged carefully, insured and tracked for the journey using Parcel Force from the UK. I am more than happy to answer questions regarding my methods and techniques.

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