Wild Souls Wild Wood


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Wild Souls Wild Wood is a large dark, textured oil painting of wild deer stag in a wild wood. It is 36x48x1.5 inches. The painting is very textured impasto and almost Gothic in style and shows a view into a dark forest towards a group of deer. The stag and three female deer stand looking out at us from the top of the painting in a glowing woodland clearing lit by golden yellow light. A purple blue line rises from the bottom centre of the painting and up towards up to the deer where it merges with them. This is a suggestion of the energy that seems to inhabit ancient forests and trees. I find it easy to believe that forests and the animals dwelling in them take care of each other. Although the painting is mostly composed of dark green, purple and blue, contrasted with the yellows, oranges and reds of the trees and deer it still manages to make a room feel cosy. This painting glows and due to the thick paint, it has facets that reflect different colours at different times of the day. Painted on deep edge canvas, edges also dark, no frame needed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_oO–ha0B4

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