Wyvern Crags


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Wyvern Crags is a set of extremely detailed floating islands interconnected by narrow bridges, walkways and ropes. Shrouded in mystery, this ancient place sits quietly in the northern regions beyond the Wild Gainsborough and is almost lost in time.

This is a large picture which took a considerable time to complete and is filled with minute detail that will only be appreciated or seen upon close study. I love the concept of “hidden in plain view” and regularly employ it within my art and this picture is no exception! All I need now is a meeting with an author or film studio who wants this kind of illustration and history can be made …
Professionally framed using AR70 art glass, this is ready to hang. For shipping costs please contact me at guy@guychapman.co.uk because the artwork needs to be sent with insurance that differs from each picture. I can even personally deliver artwork at a much cheaper cost than couriers (UK mainland only).

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