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Our application is both simple and straightforward.

Part 1
All details in this section apart from your First and Last name will be used for administration purposes only. Your First and Last name should be your artist name and will be found in searches.

Part 2
This section should include your business details all of which will be seen on your seller store on Artwork Portal. In your business description, make sure you tell us about your works in a way that is both engaging and inspirational – our customers would like to know what makes you and your art! Please also provide links to your social media outlets and your website, (where applicable), so that customers can learn more about you and your practices. We also require you to upload a store image or logo which will be seen in both  searches and on your store front.

Part 3
Additional information is requested for further administrative purposes, including GDPR consent which is required to become a seller on Artwork Portal.

Please note: Everything marked with a * is required.

Part 1.

The following information is required for administrative use only except for your First and Last Name which will be used in searches.
Artwork Portal is searchable by First Name.

Part 2

The following details will be seen on your Artwork Portal Store.
This will be the title of your store. Maximum of 30 characters.
This will be an introduction about you, your work and practices and will be seen under your shop banner. Maximum of 1000 characters
If you have a Facebook profile, please provide your full facebook address starting with
If you have an Instagram account, please ONLY provide your Instagram name
If you have a Twitter account, please ONLY provide your twitter name
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload a 'square' image with minimum dimensions of 300x300 pixels and a maximum file size of 1MB

Part 3

The following information is required for administrative use only.
So that we can see a selection of your work, please provide your full website address if you have one.

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