Spotlight Interview with Amanda Horvath discussing her love for each season and the inspiration she draws from them into her practices …

Thank you for speaking to us about your art journey. Where did it all begin for you?
It began for me at an early age when I became aware of the sights and colours around me. My first memories are of looking up at trees and seeing the light and the transparency of leaves. When I was old enough to pick up a pencil my favourite thing was to draw and paint. Art has been in my life for as long as I can remember and I always wanted to live my life as an artist.

From who or from where do you draw inspiration for your work?
My inspiration begins with my walks through the beautiful Peak District where I live close to the natural world. I love every season each having it’s own beauty. Spring is full of optimism, joy and woodland flowers, with delicate scents on the breeze and new soft green buds springing in to life. Summer is warm and leafy with the sounds of bubbling streams rippling through the forest and sun rays creating dappled light and shadows. Autumn is full of glorious colour, like a symphony that reaches a crescendo of beauty as nature moves towards sleep with tones of amber, gold and cherry red. Winter is a time of chilly blues and quiet snow covered woods with glinting sunlight hinting of pale lilac shadows and cadmium orange light. When darkness falls early in the afternoon we are left with dark blue tones and moon shadows.

Do you like to experiment with what you use to create art and how would you describe your artistic style?
I have created my own style, which has developed as an emotional response to the natural world. This came about from experimentation with different materials, many years of study and practise, observation of the natural world and influences from my childhood and experiences as an adult. My work lies between abstraction and realism and I harness optical mixing techniques.

Why are your designs so different to other artists within the industry?
I think everyone develops their own style that’s individual to them. My style is different because it is rooted in my own experiences and development of ideas.

How do you stay relevant and current in a world full of creatives?
By maintaining my individuality and keeping my work unique and different.

How has social media impacted on you as judging by your online presence you seem to embrace this?
Social media is a wonderful way of communicating my work to the world. Finish a new painting and I can show my audience straight away that there is new work available and where to find it. By using social media I can express how I feel about a particular piece and where the ideas came from.

How has your brand grown to where it is now? What has contributed to your success?
Again I think keeping my work individual and unique. I try to make paintings that people will like, I think bright colours or peaceful scenes make people feel better especially during challenging times. Engaging with my audience has been an important factor in my success.

Have you worked with any galleries or brands or completed any important commissions you can share with us?
I feel very privileged to work with leading UK galleries and I regularly accept commissions. An important piece I completed was a large painting during lockdown and it was a message of hope to the world, the title was “Could There be a Rainbow” This was exhibited by Eclectic Gallery in London and has since sold.

Which projects are you really excited about for 2021 and are there any future plans you can share with us?
I am currently working on another very large painting, which I hope to complete soon. In terms of more ambitious projects, I would like to do an MA and I am researching where to do this. For the future I hope to develop my work in to new media, I feel that my work lends itself to stained glass. Eventually I hope to create a stained glass window or sculpture, possibly for a public space or church.

See a selection of work from Amanda, click HERE

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